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At Prime Cuts Direct, our story is rooted in a deep love and appreciation for top quality meat, and its rich culinary heritage.


While our roots are deeply tied to the land of Namibia, the land of our heritage, we have expanded our offering to include prime cuts from other exceptional locations.

At Prime Cuts Direct, we are passionate about providing discerning meat enthusiasts with a curated selection of exceptional cuts that embody the pinnacle of taste, quality, and ethical sourcing. Our pride lies in offering grass-fed Black Angus beef from renowned brands such as Darling Downs Wagyu, Jacks Creek Angus in Australia, and Millers of Speyside in Scotland, in addition to our cherished Beefcor in Namibia.

We have also added to our offering prime lamb from New Zealand, famous for some of the best lamb found in the world!

Quality Brands in our stable


Proudly sourced from Namibia, Beefcor represents the epitome of Namibian beef excellence. Their grass-fed Black Angus cattle graze on the vast, untouched plains, resulting in beef of exceptional tenderness and natural flavor. With a commitment to sustainable farming practices, Beefcor offers a taste that reflects the unique terroir of Namibia.

Hailing from the pristine Darling Downs region of Australia, Darling Downs Wagyu is synonymous with exceptional quality and unparalleled flavor. Their Wagyu beef is renowned for its superb marbling, resulting in a buttery texture and a rich, melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Jacks Creek

Located in the heartland of New South Wales, Australia, is recognized worldwide for producing some of the finest Angus beef. Their cattle are carefully raised on nutrient-rich pastures, resulting in beautifully marbled, tender cuts that boast a bold and robust flavor profile.

Millers of Speyside

Hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of Speyside, Scotland, Millers of Speyside specializes in premium quality Angus beef. Raised on lush green pastures and pure Scottish water, their beef embodies the rich heritage and natural beauty of the region, delivering exceptional flavor and succulence.


New Zealand grass-fed lamb. Naturally lean and tender. New Zealand lamb is raised just as nature intended, in one of the most pristine places on the planet, Tauranga. The natural environment with lush green pastures, fresh air, and sunshine offers the perfect conditions for grass-fed lamb which is healthy, naturally lean, and deliciously rich and tender.

Angus Meat is our specialty!

We focus on Grass Fed Angus meat. Angus cattle are bred from superior genetics, carefully selected for desirable traits such as marbling, tenderness, and flavor. Our meat are sourced from farms that have a deep understanding of livestock rearing, leveraging generations of knowledge and experience in cattle farming.  Whether grilled, roasted, or seared, Black Angus meat delivers a mouthwatering combination of succulence and depth of flavor that has made it a favorite among meat lovers worldwide.

Black Angus
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